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1. Innovative, multi-modal MOA

Microbial EVs are a pharmaceutical composition derived from a single strain of beneficial bacterium that has been selected for its specific immunomodulatory and metabolic properties for treating intractable diseases, such as CNS diseases and cancers. Our pre-clinical data suggest that EVs act simultaneously on multiple pathways including both immune and metabolic functions.

2. Safe

Therapeutic assets APIs are microbial EVs derived from commensal bacteria, which are non-living materials and act on the cellular organelles to enhance metabolic and immune homeostasis. In preclinical studies we observed that our therapeutic assets are very safe following oral administration.

3. Highly effective

Microbial EVs have a unique ability to penetrate the gut mucosal barrier and target distant organs, such as lung, liver, kidney and brain, when compared with live biotherapeutic products (LBPs) which are generally restricted to the GI tract.

4. Convenient

Pharmacological effects of microbial EVs are preserved in acid and bile conditions of the gut. Orally-administrated (PO) products allow ease of use when compared with biologics, such as antibodies, cell therapies, gene therapies, and exosomes, that require intravenous infusion or subcutaneous injection.

5. Affordable

Unlike the lengthy timeline and high cost associated with cGMP manufacturing of cell, exosome and antibody therapies, we have been able to manufacture EVs in a short timeframe, cost effectively and at commercial scale.

Comparison of microbial EV vs. LBP and exosome