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Message from the CEO

Hello and welcome to MD Healthcare Inc.

Throughout my career as a physician and research professor, my dream has been to establish a corporation that provides societal value and promote happiness in the general public. This dream became a reality on October 1st, 2014 when myself and Professor Chang-Il Ban of Postech and Professor Young-kooJee of Danguk University Hospital established MD Healthcare Inc.

The healthcare industry has become a mega-trend in the 21st century as cardiovascular, neurological, psychiatric, metabolic disorders, and cancer are becoming increasingly common public health concerns. In response to global westernization, disease patterns have shifted from acute infectious disease to chronic inflammatory disease. Likewise, the healthcare paradigm is shifting accordingly from disease treatment to overall health improvement.

The goal of MD Healthcare is to provide innovative treatment methods for intractable diseases through non-invasive diagnosis to improve the health of the general public. Based on innovative source and core technology, we plan to provide products and services to fulfill public health needs. Our business model consists of establishing a human microbiome-based precision medicine platform in strategic partnership with domestic universities, institutions, and corporations.

Our vision is to provide innovative healthcare solutions that promote health and reduce the burden of chronic illness. To achieve this vision, we built MD Healthcare on three core values: enhancement of public health, concurrence between man and nature, and innovative. We ask for your encouragement and feedback as we strive to become a corporation that contributes positively towards society through our healthcare products and services strengthened by our foundational core values.

CEO Yoon Keun Kim

Executive Board

Yoon Keun Kim, MD, PhD | CEO

  • SNU College of Medicine, MD
  • SNU College of Medicine IM Dept, Prof.
  • POSTECH Biology Dept, Prof.
  • EWU Medical Center, Director
  • Korea Health Industry Dev. Inst., Director

Changill Ban, phD

  • SNU chemistry Dept, M.S.
  • Ohio State Univ., ph.D. POSTECH Chemistry Dept, Prof.

Young-Koo Jee, MD, phD

  • SNU College of Medicine, MD
  • DKU Hospital IM Dept, Prof. KAAACI, Executive Director

Eun-Jin Cho, MD

  • Konkuk Univ. College of Med., MD
  • Harvard Med. School Comp. Genomics SM Tech, CEO


Advisory Board

Prof. Sung Min Kim
Inje Univ. Hosp.
Infectious Disease
Prof. Taesung Park
Seoul Natl. Univ.
Computational Statistics
Prof. You-Me Kim
Life Sciences
Prof. Hae-Sim Park
Ajou Univ. Hosp.
Allergy & Immunology
Dr. Jee Hwan Jang
Ucaretron Inc.
Prof. Jae Gyu Kim
Chungang Univ. Hosp.
Prof. Mi-Kyung Lee
Chungang Univ. Hosp.
Laboratory Medicine
Dr. Jee Hwan Jang
Ucaretron Inc.
Prof. Jae-Jin Kim
Severance Hosp.
Prof. Yeon-mok Oh
Asan Med. Ctr.
Prof. Pyung Lim Han
Ewha Woman’s Univ.
Brain & Cognitive Sciences
Prof. Byung In Moon
Ewha Univ. Med. Ctr
Prof. Dong Ho Lee
Seoul Natl. Univ. Hosp.