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Why is Personalized Precision Medicine Necessary?

Recently our society has experienced a variety of lifestyle changes, including the transition from slow to fast foods, malnutrition to overnutrition, outdoor to indoor life, as well as active to sedentary lifestyles. Based on the accumulation of these lifestyle changes and the burden of increasingly aging populations, disease patterns have changed accordingly from acute infectious disease to chronic inflammatory disease.

Following these changing lifestyle and disease patterns in our society, several unmet medical needs have emerged, including the need to develop more effective health promotion, non-invasive diagnostics, as well as safe and natural medicinal approaches. At MD Healthcare, we are developing such a solution to resolve these unmet medical needs through a personalized medicine approach. This approach focuses on prediction, early detection, treatment and prevention of chronic diseases.

The Human Microbiome

The human microbiome is the total combined genetic material contributed by all of the microorganisms that live in our body. Recently, we realized the tremendously important role of our microbiome plays in in health and disease, particularly the trillions of bacteria living in our guts. Without the bacteria that call our gut home, we wouldn’t be able to properly digest our food, defend our body from harmful bacteria and other pathogens, or produce essential nutrients.
Furthermore, when the bacteria in our body are imbalanced, our health can be compromised and disease risk increased.

Precision Medicine Solution:
Human Genome vs. Microbiome


Micro boime vs. 1% Human Genome;

Only 1% of the genes in our bodies are human genome, the other 99% are contribured by the microbes in our body

Human Genome Progect (1990-2003)

  • Discovered that only 3% of our human genome coded for proteins
  • 22,300 protein - coding genes
    in human genome→ Similar to the amount of a small worm

Human Microbiome Progect (2008-2012)

  • Discovered that over 10,000 microbial species occupy the human ecosytem
  • Microbial protein-coding genes are
    360 Times more abundant than human genes

Paradigm Shift of Precision Medicine

While precision medicine originally was based on understanding our own human genome, recently we have realized that our body is a holobiont influenced by both our human genome and microbiome, or the metagenome. Therefore, 21st century precision medicine focuses on the development of healthcare solutions that account for the dynamic relationship between our microbial and human genomic information. This metagenomic approach to precision medicine allows for the incorporation of all of the genes, both human and microbial, that exist and interact in our bodies. By viewing the human body as a holobiont rather than just an individual organism, we strive to promote health by creating balance between the human and microbiota systems.