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Our Microbiome Determines balanced health

Our Company

MD Healthcare is a microbiome company with a vision to change the world of healthcare through the development of innovative precision medicine solutions. Our platform is based on a unique convergence of biotechnology (BT), nanotechnology (NT), and information technology (IT). While most microbiome analysis focuses on who is there, we look at what they are doing systemically throughout our body via bioinformatic analysis of microbial nano-sized extracellular vesicles.

Our company is continuously amassing an expansive database of over 34,000 clinical samples of a wide variety of chronic diseases including over a dozen different cancers, cardiovascular disease, cognitive disorders, and allergic diseases. Through our unique Microbiome & EV convergence platform, we are developing four core precision medicine platforms : I) Therapeutics, II) Diagnostics, III) personalized Healthcare Navigation, and IV) precision Medical Food platforms.

MD Healthcare Inc.'s
EV & Microbiome Convergence for Precision Medicine

  • Therapeutics
  • Diagnostics
  • Healthcare Navigation
  • Medical Food

Company History


- Regular laboratory safety diagnosis
- Business agreement with Korea University Medical Center and Utron Care
- Selected as a youth-friendly small business
- Awarded the 29th Science and Technology Excellence Paper Award
- Mutual cooperation with lactomasons for the production of useful microorganisms and the evaluation of efficacy of derived substances
- Co-development cooperation with Kolmar Korea for joint research based on microbiomaterials
- Laboratory precision safety diagnosis
- Report on R&D service business
- Subsidiary established
- Completion of MD Chan food fermentation center
- Exchange of microbiome technical information with Ewha Womans University Industry-Academy Cooperation Foundation
- Innobiz Class A Certification
- Quality Management System Certification
- Opened the Environmental Genome Center in the company-affiliated research institute
- Mutual cooperation with Boramae Hospital for source technology development and business model implementation
- Held the 1st Microbio Research Society and the 4th Nano Parcel Research Society joint symposium
- Joint analysis of the diagnosis and prediction of the astronomical analysis of the ancient Ansan Hospital
- Seoul National University Bundang Hospital and intestinal microbial application R&D evelopment
- Genome-based joint research and development with Macrogen Co., Ltd.
- Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning, Biomedical Technology Development Project (total 5 years)
- Korea Research Foundation Next Generation Applied Omics Project (total 5 years)
- Company name changed to MD Healthcare Inc.
- Venture company certification
- Joint development of in vitro diagnostic medical devices with Woori Technology atopic dermatitis based on useful microorganisms
- Joint research on commercialization of useful microorganisms with CJ CheilJedang
- Establishment of in-house R&D Facility
- Company founded as Myeong Do Medical